Good evening Jill!
WOW! What an incredible day.
President Carter’s lesson has been ringing in my ears since yesterday.
Around lunchtime I was headed to the local feed store. I saw my neighbor struggling to fix his fence line after the storms passed through yesterday and last night. He and I haven’t spoken in years due to a property dispute that landed us both in court. I stopped my car and got out to talk. We chatted at the fence for about an hour. I helped him mend his fence. Afterwards we adjourned to his porch and sat and mended other fences between us.
Out of the blue he mentioned an elderly man from his church that needs help moving his cows, but he couldn’t go help him due to his back issues. I volunteered my services. A phone call was made and I’ll be helping the elderly gentleman move his cows tomorrow morning. I’m thrilled!
Please thank President Carter for me. His bible lesson touched my heart.
Also, thank you again for all you do.