I was a student at Savannah State College (now Savannah State University) when President Carter ran for election. As a native Georgian I was so proud of the fact that I could vote for a President from my Home State. More important is that we also shared the same strong Christian beliefs.
The story of President Carter’s Life was inspiring to me. I recently visited the Carter Museum in Atlanta and I was reminded of all of the Diplomatic Achievements and the Integrity of President Carter and I was filled with Pride, once again. President Carter’s Mother, Mrs. Lillian joined the Peace Corp as a Senior Citizen. I grew courage from this. You are never too old to serve God. Now, I am a Senior Citizen and I live to be a Foot Solider for Christ. Long ago, I became keenly aware of what the Bible states, To whom Much is Given, Much is Required.
As an African-American female growing up in Savannah, Georgia I was poor but I was Blessed. I did not think that I had much, but I was Blessed to he born in America. When I became a Flight Attendant, I saw the real poverty in the World. I wanted to help as much as I could.
Today, I am a Christian Missionary and I have traveled on 12 Mission trips to Africa and Asia. I am constantly striving to help and sharing God’s Love. I am continually inspired by President Carter’s service to others. His Love for People in helping the poor through Habitat for Humanity. I am in awe that he is still making a difference and leaving a legacy in his 90’s. I am in my 60’s but I know that the word of God says that the Harvest is Plentiful but the Workers are few. I will continue to work, President Carter and Sister Rosalyn are examples of how God will keep and preserve us to do the Work.
My desire is to meet President Carter, one day. I would willingly drive from McDonough, Ga to Plains, Ga for the opportunity. May God continue to Bless President Carter and His Legacy.