I was with Bob for 28 years. Love of my life, partner in adventure. I could not believe that he died. Since then, there is pain, grief, searching for some answer, some thing that could make me whole again. I read about President Carters Bible Study, and though I do not belong to a church, I am a member of 30 years to a 12 step group who believes in spiritual principles. I took a long drive. I went to Plains and touched the history of the first president I voted for. I was awed by the humility of the community and the man. The next morning, at about 4 am, I arrived at the Maranatha Church, where I met like minded people, who came together for a common purpose. My people.
I listened first to an impassioned preacher. I wish he was mine. And then to President Carter’s message. My takeaway is this, no matter what seat I am in, either church or my group, it is about prayer and service to others. The only time I feel relief is when I actively work with others.
Thank you for the lovely reminder. I have picked a church one block from me who work with the homeless to start to give back again.
You are a miracle. Be well.