Six years ago I had never met Rosalynn nor Jimmy Carter.

Then I meet them in person celebrating an anniversary of The Carter Center and my life was transformed.

They are big, bold dreamers. They encouraged me to dream huge. Jimmy Carter conveyed that

I am meant for significance through the Holy Spirit in ministry to others.

The Holy Spirit empowered Rosalynn Carter to provide a voice for over ten million Americans caregiving for their elderly or disabled family members. As a former President of Highland Park UMC Disciplined Order of Christ, I too have been endowed by our Creator.

James 2:14-20 says that faith without works is death, meaning we are the hands and feet of Jesus and that we must carry out ministries, whether feeding the poor, whether proving low or no cost services to aliens, immigrants or undocumented people, help widows, minister to orphans. I have participated in all of these works. Sometimes through the churches, sometimes by myself but never alone because God was with me.

In a similar but massively more productive way Jimmy Carter empowers the people he reaches out to transform, now and forever by worshiping with them, leading them toward a light that dispels the darkness in their lives. Mrs. Carter in supporting Mr. Carter, has also undertaken to bring their dreams of a better world to life. Promoting racial equality continues to be at the top of their list. Ironically racial justice now seems to be near the top of former President and former First Lady George and Laura Bush.

Moral suation by the Carters over the last 55 years continues to deal benefits to children around the world. Learning how the Carters continue to improve the lives of millions of children there will never meet is are inspiring. And that is why I founded The Former First Lady Libraries to promote American culture and ministry around the world as seen through the eyes of American First Ladies, using Rosalynn Carter as the first example and guide.