In 1987 I’ve got the chance to come to the US as participant of a German educational program (Carl Duisberg Society). A few weeks after my arrival in Atlanta by chance I could listen at Emory University to a more than impressive speach by President Carter. That stay in the US gave a significant impact on me during my later life – job wise and related to my private live. Starting April this yr. I once again returned to the United States for a couple of months – working for a supplier to BMW in South Carolina. Through a friend of mine – Doug Unger from Plains – I did hear about Sunday church and on June, 9th 2019 for a second time in my life I could listen to Persident Carter. As one of my activities during my 2nd stay in the US I’ve initiated several letters to politicians from South Carolina in order to fight against death penalty which – to me – is clearly against any rights and moral. brgds Claus W. Geraets PS: Thank you Mr. President, thank you Pastor Tony Lowden and thank you dear friend Doug Unger