Mr. Carter effected my life greatly. I came to see him several times. Always looking for his answers to many questions.. I was a nurse and a work-oholic for years.. Then one day God knocked me on my butt with a heart attack. In the weeks that followed, I had no choice but to lay around and recover. I had many books that Mr. Carter authored, but I was always too busy to read. Nothing like a heart attack to make you catch up on your reading.. It was amazing. It was just him and me there. As if he had written all those books just for me. Letting me know that world peace begins in my own heart. So many answers to what is really important in life, that I had been too busy to stop and learn. I have only one question, Mr. Carter has not answered for me yet.. But I have no doubt he will someday, if I just listen.

Michelle Campbell
Valrico, FL