In the late 70’s a college student, I had the opportunity to visit the Carter White House to attend a youth conference. Later, I served as Kentucky state college chairman in President Carter’s re-election campaign. Both President and Mrs. Carter have always been an inspiration and have never stopped working hard to make the world a better place. While I was a huge fan of President and Mrs. Carter during the Washington, D.C. years, I have become an even bigger follower of the President and First Lady over the past 40 years. They live their lives very Christlike and bestow the character that we should all strive to achieve. Both my wife Becky and I are humbled by this couple from Plains, Georgia, who continue today to be the same good people they were prior to politics and who have not been changed by their success. Too, the fact that they walk from home to a local restaurant to eat and visit with residents and tourists is truly amazing. We wish President Carter a speedy recovery and hope to have the opportunity to visit his Sunday school class soon. Thank you President and Mrs. Carter for the positive role models that you continue to be to me, Becky, our nation, and the world!