President Carter helps step-up my game. My faith is essential. I hold to it like a grounding cable. Since I no longer see with my eyes, I conduct phone, text, voice mail messages to people on our prayer list, new members, missions team, and elected officials. Re: church and other friends, I keep it brief, always sincere and focused. I also call elected officials to praise what they do and briefly say I would like for you to support HR#/Senate bill, and pray for the Trump administration and for my backbone to challenge and find resolution and kick up some dust when necessary, still moving to resolution. I listen to the recording on the AJC. My friend, Trish Sargent, who Mr. Carter selected to deliver the prayer talked and talked and processed and sat still with what we experienced. I’ve dedicated this day to reflect on the weekend visit, on the service, and I decide how to spend the rest of my life. I decide. That’s what President Carter said. I decide. I do and I will. Bless all of the Marantha community and all the good that goes on in Americus and Plains: Koininia, Havitat, and Global Village, and restoration of the Windsor.