I am an Author of Evolutionary Policies, Human Rights Activist and a man of faith.
In 2001 I developed a proposal for world peace and sustainable development as a response to Sept 11 events and to prevent a major conflict of Global Proportions.
By 2005 I contacted the Carter Center. I needed protection and support because of political pressure and opposition to my work.
I don’t know how exactly our president reacted to my challenge but it certainly contributed to save my life and established a record that made my political opponents liable, that in turn save the world and in particular the United States from a tragedy of Biblical proportions.
I think we all have to thank the moral courage of President Carter and his loving wife for their support to causes of good will.
If I could have the privilege and honor to meet him at Church I would certainly be asking President Carter to write his account of this historic event for posterity and as an American example to new generations of political leaders.
Luis A. Wyler