Dear Maranatha Baptist Church! I Love you and appreciate all that you do for God’s Kingdom!!!
I sent this email out to all my contacts Dec.2015 after we attended your Sunday School Class:
Hi Friends, Hope you’re new year is positive so far! I wanted to connect with you, see how you are doing, give you an update and share how I received my latest incredible blessing from a few Sunday’s ago Dec.2015

We went to President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School Class in Plains, GA (photo attached)

I received my Christmas Blessing for sure: During the month of December, I’d been kind of grumpy and couldn’t find my Christmas spirit attitude with all the warm weather. When I heard that Pres. Carter was now cancer free, I thought here’s a chance to go to his class and perfect timing during the Holyday’s. I’m not a celebrity chaser or know much about politics, but I’ve always admired him as a great man of humble beginnings from rural Georgia.

What an incredible experience to meet this Saintly Man!!! Sure, it was hard to get up at 4am, drive 2 hours there, 2 hours back, get the secret service drills, the waiting and this and that… but, it was ALL worth it!!!

He is such a kindhearted, well spoken, unpretentious, spirit-filled man of God. My husband and my 11 year old niece were moved as well.

There was no fanfare or hype, just a chilly quiet morning in a small church in the middle of nowhere…

Pres. Carter was running late so another lady started the lesson/talk, which was ironically called “How can I experience God’s peace this Christmas?” Scripture: Luke 2:8-14. Mid lesson, he walked in, looking very tired, and told us Mrs. Carter wasn’t with him because their 28 year old Grandson had passed away suddenly the night before in Atlanta :'( Naturally, we all gasped and were saddened – but, he continued in his soft, precise voice as he talked about how Peace, that can only come from God, can be ours- even in the midst of tragedy!
After a short talk, he then led us in a powerful prayer.

This gentle man in his 90s, one of our Great Historical World Leaders, took time in his grief and through exhaustion to continue to share The Good News of God! It was beautiful to witness him actually showing us what God’s Grace and Peace looks like. I just can’t explain how the whole room felt like a warm hug from Heaven.

This experience forced more reflection on my heart. It’s been a year since the job that I enjoyed suddenly ended and I was evidently still holding on to a tiny bit of sadness all year as I processed…
My new year’s eve was uneventful, but something happened that night as I looked back on the year, where I’m at now, realizing my many blessings and especially my Christmas Blessing. A switch flipped that night and i just felt the last drop of my inner sadness lift. Must of been a thump on the head from The Holy Spirit?! 😉

So, I’ve got the pep back in my step. Even though I haven’t gotten around to my lifelong fantasy of becoming a body builder (I’m now 60), I stay busy busy with home, family, friends, church, etc. Much of my days I’m helping my Dad care for my beautiful Mother in her day to day battle with parkinson’s disease… She’s trying to be strong. We take one day at a time and try to find some humor along the way as we savor our time together. We all say almost daily, how thankful we are that I have the time to help. It’s amazing how God always has a plan for us!

Anyway, thanks for listening/reading and letting me share my new smile. I reminded my nieces the other day what President Lincoln once said: “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” so, Be Happy my Friends!!

know that I think of you often and remember that Christmas is actually Everyday! so let your inner Christmas Lights Shine all year!!!