I was born years after Jimmy Carter was president(1995 to be exact). My main goal in life is to meet as many presidents as possible. I was always fascinated by Jimmy Carter as a person and as a president. I lived in Atlanta for a year and a half and I learned that he still does Sunday School that is open to the public. So in July 2018, I went down to Plains to visit Maranatha Baptist Church and saw the former president give his sermon. He had a very interesting quote about happiness that I forgot. I took my photo with the former President and his wife, Rosalyn. I went and explored the town of Plains and went to other historic sites before returning back. I felt a sense of confidence and gratefulness that I was able to meet a former president while he was still alive. I don’t know the next time I’ll see him or if he leaves the world in the next couple of years(unless he’s immortal) but that memory of meeting Jimmy Carter will be a strong one for me to tell my kids and grandkids.