I would park my car at the housing project across the street from the police station where I worked. There was never any spaces at the PD.

The children from the projects would be playing in the cement covered lot full of junk and broken glass.

I started bringing candy to give to them before I headed across the street to work. Eventually they began to talk to me, to tell me their dreams and Hope’s for their future.

Then one day a Latin King’s gang member came into the PD. I approached and asked how I could help him.

He asked if I was JONI, after having replied to the affirmative, he told me that one of the little kids across the street had noticed I had left my keys in my car as well as the door unlocked.

While he handed me my keys he said, ” The kid came and got me, so I locked it up for you.”

Ever since, I give EVERYONE a chance to stand by the Lord’s side and do good in the world.

No matter who or what they are, or appear to be.