I attended Pres Carter’s first Sunday School lesson in the summer of 1976. I watched as he and other members of his church organized and built the present Maranatha Church. Sitting in his class on Sunday, Sept 29, 2019, I watched this extraordinary man talk with ease and conviction to a huge crowd of people. My thoughts ran back over the many things he has accomplished because he believed in himself. You can believe, but you have to have courage to step into the glare of public life and challenge yourself to achieve the things you believe to be right. At 89 years of age, I found my life’s work. Promoting a book I have written about his life has been my challenge. There is not a page that does not reveal a person of action, a man that believes in justice, and a man that does not challenge a person, no matter what the age, to love people and be an active contributing person in your surroundings.
Keeping his lessons on love in your mind, will cleanse your soul, and make you take a positive step to do your part in your daily life to benefit others.