When I first started attending Maranatha many years ago I found myself sitting in a pew on Mother’s Day. My son had passed away just two years before and His death was still tender on my heart. As a young lady begin to sing that morning I listened to the words about a young child standing with Jesus at the gates of heaven. Immediately I realized I was going to start crying and probably uncontrollably. I quietly stepped out of the sanctuary and then I realized Mr. Jimmy was right behind me. He knew the story and he just gave such friendly hug and let me sob. He even loaned me his handkerchief. He met the needs of a broken hearted mom as a deacon and fellow Christian first. I so appreciated his compassion. As I began to realize that I was crying on the shoulder of the former President of the United States I found it was very easy to dry up the tears. I will always remember his compassion.