I have attended two of President Carter’s Sunday School lessons, and plan on attending a third lesson in June 2019. After I attended President Carter’s Sunday School class for the first time, I left Plains invigorated and ready to change aspects of my life for the better. Since then, when making decisions or interacting with others, I consider what President Carter would do in a given situation. Studying President Carter’s exemplary life, as well as hearing him teach Sunday School, has undoubtedly made me a more positive, generous, and selfless person.

I also credit President Carter for making me a more driven and ambitious person, as well as being more open to trying new and exciting things in my life. President Carter’s wide-ranging abilities make him a modern day renaissance man. President Carter has proven that his expertise and knowledge extends over a variety of fields, including but not limited to, government, diplomacy, teaching, writing, (non-fiction, fiction, or poetry) volunteering, farming, engineering, painting, hunting, fishing, and carpentry.

I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Carter again for everything that they continually do to better our world, and wish the Carter family well in their future endeavors.