I wrote Governor Carter early in 1973, to encourage him to run for president (I made the same request of Governors Askew and Bumpers). I was thrilled when he entered the race and had the honor of chauffering him and Jody Powell to campaign appearances in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They were the days when no one knew him. We stopped at a favorite restaurant of mine for lunch but there was a wait. Not one for wasting time, the Governor quickly led us to the Hardees next door.
I have been interested in politics and religion for more than 50 years. My two favorites in all those years have been Hubert Humphrey and Jimmy Carter. I have visited Plains and attended President Carter’s Sunday School class twice. As a pastor in attendance, he honored me with a request to offer the opening prayer. I enjoyed his commentary on the events of the day. I found his teaching to be theologically sound and well researched. It was a tremendous joy to be with him again after all these years.
The Carters are very gracious about posing with everyone who wants a picture. I will treasure mine always.
I still hope to attend at least one more time. God bless the Carters!