Do's and Don'ts and all the in between.

We have answers. We want you to feel welcome in our church, so please look through our FAQ. Can't find what your looking for? Contact Us.

President Carter’s Sunday School class begins at 10:00 A.M. EDT. An orientation time begins at 9:00am, and all visitors are asked to be present at this orientation.

The church building will open at approximately 8:00am to begin seating.

Sunday attendance has been unusually high, therefore we can not predict when you should arrive for sanctuary seating.

Yes, this is a Sunday School service and we accept an offering for Sunday School. A second offering will be taken for church services. We invite you to participate to help further our ministries.

Per Fire Marshall guidelines, we will turn people away if the attendance exceeds church capacity (~475 individuals). We usually cannot foresee these attendance surges, which is why we recommend arriving before 5:30am to play it safe. Lately, the crowds have been large.  We had to turn away people on May 6th, 2018 because of the large crowd.

The class meets in the Maranatha Baptist Church sanctuary, which seats approximately 350 people.

The worship service begins at 11:00 A.M

Yes – we have a nursery for infants and childcare area for toddlers/children up through kindergarten. All children in 1st grade and above are asked to remain with their parents/guardians for the duration of the morning.

Childcare workers will arrive by 9:45 am. You must remain with your child until the childcare workers arrive at this time.

Following CDC guidelines, we are not offering childcare during Covid-19.

Yes, but all purses/backpacks/pocketbooks will be checked upon entering the church. If it is possible to leave these items in your car, please do so. We do, however, take offering inside if you would like to participate please bring that with you.

Yes – but you may need to sit in our Fellowship Hall which serves as an overflow space for the class. A 36-inch television set gives the group a good view of President Carter as he teaches.

If the sanctuary and overflow spaces fill to capacity (~475 attenders), we will stop admitting visitors into the church per fire marshall guidelines.

Yes, it does not grant you priority seating, but it does allow us to know how many people we are accommodating. RSVP HERE

You are welcome to leave after Sunday School, but you cannot come back for pictures with President and Mrs. Carter. Pictures are only available to those who remain through Sunday School and worship.

No. The Carters do not give autographs at the church.

There is no dress code at Maranatha – you are welcome to wear whatever feels most comfortable. A majority of guests will be dressed somewhere between “business casual” and “Sunday best,” but several folks will also be wearing blue jeans and a casual top. Either is perfectly acceptable to us.

The U. S. Secret Service provides constant security for President and Mrs. Carter. All persons and vehicles entering the church property are subject to search. You may bring in your camera and purse, but leave any scissors, pocketknives, or other metal objects in your car.

As a general rule of thumb – it is best to bring in only what you will need for the morning. If possible, leave pocketbooks, backpacks and purses in your vehicle unless absolutely necessary. (See above for information on offerings)

Please reach out to us from our contact page. It has all the available ways to reach us, this information is monitored daily.

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148 Georgia 45 North
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Mailing address:

P. O. Box 307
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