Jimmy Carter Made the Challenge... I Accepted.

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I am an Author of Evolutionary Policies, Human Rights Activist and a man of faith. In 2001 I developed a proposal for world peace and sustainable development as a response to Sept 11 events and to prevent a major conflict of Global Proportions. By 2005 I contacted the Carter Center.… Read more “POINT OF INFLECTION”

Luis A. Wyler

A Kentuckian that was proud to attend Sunday School and Church

I have attended Church here 3 times. The first was my husband and myself. I felt welcomed by the Church and the town. It was enlightening and a learning experience to attend Sunday School taught by President Carter. I brought 2 of my grandsons the 2nd time. It was a… Read more “A Kentuckian that was proud to attend Sunday School and Church”

Linda Williamson

Boy Scout Troop 16

On two occasions, we have been lucky enough to take our BSA scout troop to Church with President and Mrs. Carter. He mentioned to the group that he was once a scoutmaster and showed a genuine interest in the youth.

Richard A Stephens


It was the last cold spring morning in the Upper Coastal Plains of southern Georgia. After stopping by the Waffle House in Americus for coffee and a biscuit we traveled along the railroad tracks through the countryside of pine tree silhouettes and fields of winter wheat else lying fallow. Before… Read more “Pilgrimage”

Keren King

Rosalynn Carter was the perfect partner for Jimmy Carter

Six years ago I had never met Rosalynn nor Jimmy Carter. Then I meet them in person celebrating an anniversary of The Carter Center and my life was transformed. They are big, bold dreamers. They encouraged me to dream huge. Jimmy Carter conveyed that I am meant for significance through… Read more “Rosalynn Carter was the perfect partner for Jimmy Carter”

Stephen James Raynor

A faithful witness to Christ!

In the fall of 1991, Habitat for Humanity had a convention in Columbus, Ohio. My friends told me that President Carter would be the keynote speaker. I was only 19 years old. I was not a Christian then, and I had no idea that Mr. Carter was. I just wanted… Read more “A faithful witness to Christ!”

DJ Young, III

Questions answered

Mr. Carter effected my life greatly. I came to see him several times. Always looking for his answers to many questions.. I was a nurse and a work-oholic for years.. Then one day God knocked me on my butt with a heart attack. In the weeks that followed, I had… Read more “Questions answered”

Michelle Campbell

Almost 50 years

I wrote Governor Carter early in 1973, to encourage him to run for president (I made the same request of Governors Askew and Bumpers). I was thrilled when he entered the race and had the honor of chauffering him and Jody Powell to campaign appearances in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They… Read more “Almost 50 years”

Pr. Gary Froseth

My Commander In Cheif

I was in the Navy 78-81 onboard the U.S.S. Eisenhower I’m just wanting to thank him for his loyalty to us for the time we spent off Iran, he stayed in the whitehouse instead of campaigning against Regan, so if something happened we were not left in the Lear hope.… Read more “My Commander In Cheif”

Travis Edward Riley

It was a surreal experience being able to meet the former president.

I was born years after Jimmy Carter was president(1995 to be exact). My main goal in life is to meet as many presidents as possible. I was always fascinated by Jimmy Carter as a person and as a president. I lived in Atlanta for a year and a half and… Read more “It was a surreal experience being able to meet the former president.”

ST Tangirala

Earlier connection

My father, William L.Guy, served as the North Dakota Governor (1961-1973) and knew President Carter. My wife and I met President and Mrs. Carter at the National Governor’s Conference in Houston in 1972 when President Carter met with governors to discuss his presidential run in 1976. We have respected the… Read more “Earlier connection”

William and Marilyn Guy

President Carter “ Inspiration as a Role Model”

In the late 70’s a college student, I had the opportunity to visit the Carter White House to attend a youth conference. Later, I served as Kentucky state college chairman in President Carter’s re-election campaign. Both President and Mrs. Carter have always been an inspiration and have never stopped working… Read more “President Carter “ Inspiration as a Role Model””

John W. McCauley

My Christmas Blessing

Dear Maranatha Baptist Church! I Love you and appreciate all that you do for God’s Kingdom!!! I sent this email out to all my contacts Dec.2015 after we attended your Sunday School Class: —- Hi Friends, Hope you’re new year is positive so far! I wanted to connect with you,… Read more “My Christmas Blessing”

Kathy Walker Rupp


My husband and I attended church in September. We had been feeling discouraged and lost with church and the direction it was going along with politics and life.  After attending, we couldn’t stop thinking about the direction our life was going and the amazing Sunday school lesson and church service. … Read more “Inspired”

Diana Royse

An amazing man…an amazing day.

This was without a doubt the most inspiring weekend my wife and I experienced. President Carter remains awe-inspiring. His message and mere presence command respect. He re-invigorated my spiritual journey after the waste and death I went thru during my combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.

SFC Jim Daigle

Baking a cake

I attended your Sunday School class on June 9, 2019. The message included a challenge to do something good for another. A simple suggestion to bake a cake, keep half, and take the rest to a neighbor was given. I was recently reminded of this and thought, what a great… Read more “Baking a cake”

Debi Jordan

He totally believes in himself

I attended Pres Carter’s first Sunday School lesson in the summer of 1976. I watched as he and other members of his church organized and built the present Maranatha Church. Sitting in his class on Sunday, Sept 29, 2019, I watched this extraordinary man talk with ease and conviction to… Read more “He totally believes in himself”

Dorothy B Padgett


When I first started attending Maranatha many years ago I found myself sitting in a pew on Mother’s Day. My son had passed away just two years before and His death was still tender on my heart. As a young lady begin to sing that morning I listened to the… Read more “Compassion”

Cynthia Attaway

Maria to Maranatha

My mother, Maria, had a stroke a few years before our trip to Plains. Her health steadily declined after the stroke. We loved to take trips with the family and make memories. Mama’s health really didn’t allow us to continue week long trips to far destinations. So we began taking… Read more “Maria to Maranatha”

Lisa Stanton

Inspired to take in the world

Having attended our first Sunday School Lesson with President Carter in 2014, my wife and I were inspired to host international students from around the world. President Carter spoke at the time about reaching out to strangers and breaking down cultural barriers. Two weeks ago, we welcomed our fourth exchange… Read more “Inspired to take in the world”

David Lynn

Visited twice..

I first saw Jimmy Carter in May of 1978.. He was visiting my work location in Oak Ridge Tennessee, at the Oak Ridge National Lab…He made a morning visit to Oak Ridge DOE Facilities…Wish I could tell him when I visited Maranatha how much it was a thrill to see… Read more “Visited twice..”

Gregory Rose

Love your neighbors

We brought our 16 year old Grandson upon his request to Sunday School with President Carter. A challenge was made to bake a cake and share it with neighbors. I baked two cakes and individually wrapped them and went door to door to neighbors that have never spoken to me.… Read more “Love your neighbors”

Marsha Loftis

Kindness Lives in Her

My 10 year old, Ellie Rae, was incredibly excited about attending President Carter’s Sunday School class and took his challenge to heart. She has always been very compassionate so acts of kindness aren’t out of the ordinary for her but she has been more intentional since Sunday. In just a… Read more “Kindness Lives in Her”

Heather Rice Yarbrough

Act of love and charity to our community

In the message of President Carter this past Sunday, he set forth a challenge to the congregation. He asked everyone to agree to go back home and perform and act of love and charity to our community. Accepting this challenge, we set out to do a small act of kindness… Read more “Act of love and charity to our community”

It started with the children…

I would park my car at the housing project across the street from the police station where I worked. There was never any spaces at the PD. The children from the projects would be playing in the cement covered lot full of junk and broken glass. I started bringing candy… Read more “It started with the children…”


Greatest experience of my life

My wife an I woke up at 3 a.m. on the 28th of April 2019. I really didn’t know what we were getting into, but I figured this would be a great thing to attend. I don’t go to church much, mainly because I feel, there are too many phony… Read more “Greatest experience of my life”

Alexander James Kirsch

Dad’s Pot Belly Stove

This all occurred after attending Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School Class on May 5th with our friends Dave and Sue Hall. I answered the Challenge at that Service to do something good when we returned home. I sold the Pot Belly Stove at a discounted price and felt this would be… Read more “Dad’s Pot Belly Stove”

Robert Schramski

Sundays are not lonely anymore.

I just spent my second Sunday volunteering at the picnic project, a meal program for struggling people, right in my own back yard. Sundays are unbearable after losing my husband. Now I am sweaty and tired and sleep well at the end of the day. Thank you, and happy anniversary.


Lending a Helping Hand

When an elderly neighbor with no spouse or children recently fell ill and is thus on bed rest in the hospital, it was time to lend a helping hand. I sent an email to two other neighbors, suggesting we perhaps get some things together for him to brighten his hospital… Read more “Lending a Helping Hand”

Anja Tigges

Sometimes, the joy one feels after helping someone far exceeds the effort.

At the end of Sunday’s service of June 9th, Reverend Tony challenged us to raise our hand if we would commit to find someone in need to help in the coming days. I don’t know if anyone else raised their hand, but I did not because I don’t work that… Read more “Sometimes, the joy one feels after helping someone far exceeds the effort.”

Sophia Demas

Reaching Out to Make A Difference

It was such a awesome experience just a few week ago for both my Mother and I to visit Marantha Baptist Church and hear President Carter give the Sunday School Lesson Review inspiring everyone to make a difference in helping one another. He truly is a Servant Leader even now… Read more “Reaching Out to Make A Difference”

Linda I. Walden

Searching for Why

I was with Bob for 28 years. Love of my life, partner in adventure. I could not believe that he died. Since then, there is pain, grief, searching for some answer, some thing that could make me whole again. I read about President Carters Bible Study, and though I do… Read more “Searching for Why”


We Named Our Son After Jimmy Carter

We Met Jimmy Carter What an honor, what a privilege, what a mind trip to meet the person whom we admire so deeply. I die! While sipping margaritas in Key West many years ago, Mac Daddy and I agreed to name our firstborn child after Jimmy Carter. Somehow Carter had… Read more “We Named Our Son After Jimmy Carter”

Ilina Ewen

Music and Humility – The Transformation for Hope

I was 13 years old waiting for the FBI to come arrest my father. It was the 1981 national union strike and my father was taking a stand for political honesty, as campaign promises had been made. My father and PATCO had helped elect Reagan and they realized they had… Read more “Music and Humility – The Transformation for Hope”

Barbara McVeigh

Humility and Class

I have been fortunate to hear President Carter teach two lessons. Both times were moments of inspiration and displays of Christian love. Few people that have reached President Carter’s status in society understand how to share their wisdom and remain humble. What an amazing blessing that we are privileged to… Read more “Humility and Class”

Randy Hubbard

revival after +30yrs.

In 1987 I’ve got the chance to come to the US as participant of a German educational program (Carl Duisberg Society). A few weeks after my arrival in Atlanta by chance I could listen at Emory University to a more than impressive speach by President Carter. That stay in the… Read more “revival after +30yrs.”

Claus W. Geraets

President Carter helps step-up my

President Carter helps step-up my game. My faith is essential. I hold to it like a grounding cable. Since I no longer see with my eyes, I conduct phone, text, voice mail messages to people on our prayer list, new members, missions team, and elected officials. Re: church and other… Read more “President Carter helps step-up my”

Ann-Chadwell Humphries

End of a relationship the beginning of another

I had a friend who broke up with a long time girlfriend. I took him to Sunday school in January of 2012. He found strength to continue his life and turned to God to help him through adversity.


Thank you, Mr. President

I was a student at Savannah State College (now Savannah State University) when President Carter ran for election. As a native Georgian I was so proud of the fact that I could vote for a President from my Home State. More important is that we also shared the same strong… Read more “Thank you, Mr. President”

Oteria D Jackson

A Forever Champion for Children

My mom often told me that the greatest president in her lifetime “is” President Jimmy Carter. “Just a really good man with a heart of gold. My mom loved him because of his devotion to helping all of mankind. He lives his life with meaning and on purpose. I spent… Read more “A Forever Champion for Children”

Debbie Carter-Dye


I was raised by my grandparents in Old Fort, NC. They were inspired by the background and stories of Mr. and Mrs. Carter. One of their goals was to have the honor of meeting the Carters. Sadly, they both passed away without achieving their dream. On May 15, 2016, I… Read more “Committed”

Heather Conroy Bullock

An Exemplary Man

I have attended two of President Carter’s Sunday School lessons, and plan on attending a third lesson in June 2019. After I attended President Carter’s Sunday School class for the first time, I left Plains invigorated and ready to change aspects of my life for the better. Since then, when… Read more “An Exemplary Man”


WOW! What an incredible day.

Good evening Jill! WOW! What an incredible day. President Carter’s lesson has been ringing in my ears since yesterday. Around lunchtime I was headed to the local feed store. I saw my neighbor struggling to fix his fence line after the storms passed through yesterday and last night. He and… Read more “WOW! What an incredible day.”


His actions, not his speeches

When I was eight years old, I met President Carter as he was boarding a riverboat in Davenport, Ia. He stopped to shake my hand in a crowd of hundreds (or so it seemed). The next day, I learned about the rabbit incident and that really stuck with me. To… Read more “His actions, not his speeches”