Jimmy Carter Made the Challenge... I Accepted.

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revival after +30yrs.

In 1987 I’ve got the chance to come to the US as participant of a German educational program (Carl Duisberg Society). A few weeks after my arrival in Atlanta by chance I could listen at Emory University to a more than impressive speach by President Carter. That stay in the… Read more “revival after +30yrs.”

Claus W. Geraets

President Carter helps step-up my

President Carter helps step-up my game. My faith is essential. I hold to it like a grounding cable. Since I no longer see with my eyes, I conduct phone, text, voice mail messages to people on our prayer list, new members, missions team, and elected officials. Re: church and other… Read more “President Carter helps step-up my”

Ann-Chadwell Humphries

End of a relationship the beginning of another

I had a friend who broke up with a long time girlfriend. I took him to Sunday school in January of 2012. He found strength to continue his life and turned to God to help him through adversity.


Thank you, Mr. President

I was a student at Savannah State College (now Savannah State University) when President Carter ran for election. As a native Georgian I was so proud of the fact that I could vote for a President from my Home State. More important is that we also shared the same strong… Read more “Thank you, Mr. President”

Oteria D Jackson

A Forever Champion for Children

My mom often told me that the greatest president in her lifetime “is” President Jimmy Carter. “Just a really good man with a heart of gold. My mom loved him because of his devotion to helping all of mankind. He lives his life with meaning and on purpose. I spent… Read more “A Forever Champion for Children”

Debbie Carter-Dye


I was raised by my grandparents in Old Fort, NC. They were inspired by the background and stories of Mr. and Mrs. Carter. One of their goals was to have the honor of meeting the Carters. Sadly, they both passed away without achieving their dream. On May 15, 2016, I… Read more “Committed”

Heather Conroy Bullock

An Exemplary Man

I have attended two of President Carter’s Sunday School lessons, and plan on attending a third lesson in June 2019. After I attended President Carter’s Sunday School class for the first time, I left Plains invigorated and ready to change aspects of my life for the better. Since then, when… Read more “An Exemplary Man”


WOW! What an incredible day.

Good evening Jill! WOW! What an incredible day. President Carter’s lesson has been ringing in my ears since yesterday. Around lunchtime I was headed to the local feed store. I saw my neighbor struggling to fix his fence line after the storms passed through yesterday and last night. He and… Read more “WOW! What an incredible day.”


His actions, not his speeches

When I was eight years old, I met President Carter as he was boarding a riverboat in Davenport, Ia. He stopped to shake my hand in a crowd of hundreds (or so it seemed). The next day, I learned about the rabbit incident and that really stuck with me. To… Read more “His actions, not his speeches”