I have been studying Psalm 130 this week and wanted to share with you that it may bless you.. The first four words of this psalm would form an appropriate title: Out of the depths, and that is the title by which it is known in Latin (De Profundis). This is the initial position of the psalmist as he offers his petition to the Lord for deliverance (vv. 1–4). He then quickly moves to an expression of expectation (vv. 5, 6) and ends with an outward focus consisting of exhortation to others to hope in the Lord (vv. 7, 8).

How should we tell God we are sorry for something we have done (or not done), or that we need His help? Is there a right way or a wrong way to come before Him? Does God even want to hear about our weaknesses, failures, and sin?

The psalms record a number of prayers offered “out of the depths” of human pain and moral misery

(Ps. 130:1). They not only demonstrate that God lends an ear to honest prayers of brokenness and failure, but they also provide a model for how we might express ourselves to Him.

God delights to hear His people call upon Him. He is not embarrassed by our troubles or failures. In fact, He invites us to make a sincere confession of sin (1 John 1:5–10). We have nothing to gain by denying or hiding our spiritual needs or by delaying to come before God. So what prayer do you need to pray to Him right now?

130:2 There is only one thing to do when we fail to love, serve, and obey God as we should: acknowledge our sin by crying out to the Lord in confession and repentance (Ps. 130:1–2). Trying to hide our sin or hoping that it will just go away does no good. Instead, we should throw ourselves on God’s mercy, knowing that there is forgiveness with Him (130:4). How does God treat sinners? According to three bedrock qualities: Justice. If unconfessed, sin will not go unpunished (Ps. 37:28).
Mercy. Sinners can receive forgiveness and restoration from a merciful God (103:8–10).
Grace. Through Christ, believers are reconciled with God and the penalty for their sin is satisfied (Rom. 3:21–26; Eph. 2:8–9). In the midst of our sin, we can appeal to a loving Lord, knowing that He will administer justice, mercy, and grace without variation or bias.

I hope that this has blessed you and thank for visiting Marantha Baptist Church.

Tony Lowden

2 God Be The Glory