Maranatha Baptist Church

Plains, Ga.


What time does the class begin?

All of our Sunday School classes begin at 10:00 A.M. eastern time, and the church building opens at 8:30 A.M. The class meets in the sanctuary which has a capacity of about 300 persons.



When is the worship service?

The worship service is at 11:00 A.M.


Is there a provision for taking care of young children?

Yes.  We have classes for all ages.


What if the sanctuary reaches its maximum capacity? Can I still get in?

Yes.  Our church Fellowship Hall serves as an overflow to the class.  A 36-inch television set gives the group a good view of President Carter as he teaches. He will come into that room first and greet them personally before going on to the sanctuary.


Can I make a reservation for me and my family?

No.  We are unable to take reservations.


Will I be able to take a picture of the Carters?

Yes.  President and Mrs. Carter, depending on their schedule, remain long enough after worship time for each visitor or group to have a photo taken with them. We have persons who will gladly use your camera for a picture.  Both still cameras and video recorders are permitted.


Can I get an autograph?

No.  The Carters have stated that they do not give autographs at the church.


I will be traveling and may not have any dress clothes; is there a dress code?

You will be welcome to come in whatever traveling clothes you may be wearing.


What about security?

The U. S. Secret Service provides constant security for President and Mrs. Carter. All persons entering the church building are subject to search. You may bring in your camera and purse, but leave any scissors, pocketknives, or other metal objects in your car.


I have a question not given here. How can I find the answer?

Please feel free to E-Mail your question to receive a personal reply.


What are the physical address and the mailing address of the church?

Our mailing address is:


Maranatha Baptist Church

P. O. Box 307

Plains, GA 31780-0307


The physical address is: 148 Hwy 45 North Plains, Ga. 31780 


How can I contact you?




Maranatha Baptist Church
P.O. Box 307
Plains, Ga. 31780